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Hi. My 3 month old will soon be outgrowing his bassinet. I am looking to move his cot i to our room for him to sleep in when this happens. I was wondering if getting bumpers for the cot is necessary to cover the gaps in the sides of the cot? Also is there any different safe sleeping recommendations for sleeping in a cot apposed to a bassinet? My baby currently sleeps in a love to dream sleeping bag with both arms free. Thank you

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Posted a response on 7/5/19


Hi Chevonne,

Thanks you for contacting Red Nose with your question.

Red Nose Safe Sleeping guidelines are the same regardless of the baby’s sleep environment. The best guide to this can be found at:

Red Nose does not recommend using bumpers or any other soft, padded or loose objects in a baby’s sleep environment:
- Soft bedding is dangerous in a cot and should not be used.
- Soft bedding includes pillows, quilts, doonas, soft toys and bumpers.
- Soft bedding may cover the baby’s face and obstruct breathing and/or cause overheating.

You can find more info at: https://rednose.org.au/article/at-what-age-can-i-introduce-cot-bumpers-and-pillows

Red Nose

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