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Alix Mellor

I have read that the Love n Care Vulu mattresses are too soft (failed Choice safety test). I have been given a Vulu cot which can be made into a bassinet. I need to buy the mattress for the bassinet. I am now nervous that the mattress that fits my cot/bassinet well be too soft. I have read the guidelines on the Red Nose website about mattresses and plan to do the firmness test, but is this enough?

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Posted a response on 25/6/18

Red Nose

As you have read, Red Nose recommends the following guidelines for a cot mattress.

Firm, clean, well-fitting and flat (not elevated)


It is often difficult when buying a mattress for a bassinet, as there are so many different sizes and shapes for bassinets.

Some people find it is easier to get a piece of foam cut to size (and covered appropriately) when buying a bassinet mattress.

Product Safety Australia has the following information about a bassinet mattress:

Ensure the sides of the bassinette are at least 300 mm higher than the top of the mattress base.

Ensure the mattress fits well and is firm, smooth and no more than 75 mm thick.


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