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My baby is 2 weeks old. We always put him on his back to sleep in his bassinet. However to settle him and get him to sleep, he seems to like being on my chest in a semi vertical position but on his tummy. He may go to sleep in this position but we then put him on his back in the bassinet. Is this safe from a SIDS perspective? Thanks.

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Posted a response on 25/1/19

Red Nose

Hi Anna,

Red Nose always recommends to place a baby for sleep on their back. If baby goes to sleep when being settled on chest of an adult & remains sleeping in that position, then this is the same as placing a baby prone (on tummy) to sleep & is a well known risk factor.

“Sleeping baby on their tummy on the parent’s chest, often skin to skin, is an excellent strategy for settling an infant, and helping them to self-regulate, as long as the baby and their airway are being observed (either by the nursing parent or another adult care-giver). A parent falling asleep with a baby prone (on the tummy) on the parent’s chest and unobserved can be problematic as prone positioning reduces baby’s arousal mechanisms that protect baby’s airway; baby’s nose may become obstructed by clothing, or parent’s body or breast; or an unobserved baby may become positioned with his/her chin to chest, which will also obstruct baby’s airway”.


Red Nose recommends sleeping a baby in a cot next to the parents’ bed for the first six to twelve months of life as this has been shown to lower the risk of SUDI.

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