Clothing Recycling

Australians produce around 50 million tonnes of waste every year - and most of us don’t think about where the waste ends up, which is usually landfill.

That’s where Red Nose Clothes Recycling comes in. Red Nose accepts donated clothes, shoes and accessories and helps to recycle them.

Red Nose Clothes Recycling is a great way to care for the environment all the while helping to save little lives.


How does it work?

Red Nose accepts donations at a number of locations across Melbourne and Adelaide.

Download our list of locations across Melbourne and Adelaide where you can drop off your pre-loved items.

Items we accept

We accept good quality pre-loved clothing and household goods. Simply book a pick up or out your clothes out in the big red bag provided to households across Melbourne and Adelaide.

Items we can’t collect

Red Nose cannot collect a range of household items including mattresses, car parts, construction materials, damaged items, flammable items such as gas bottles and any item that contains fuel, hazardous items such as car batteries, paints and chemicals.

Download list of Items we will not collect

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Phone Red Nose to arrange a Collection:

Arrange a collection of your pre-loved clothing and household goods from your home, office or place of business.
Call Red Nose on 1300 998 698. ​

Register your clothing donation:

Received a bag in the mail? Register it now for collection so our drivers know it will be there on the day for collection.

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