Safe Sleep Image Guide

How to demonstrate safe sleep in your marketing campaign or imagery?

The Red Nose Safe Image Guide is designed to help advertisers, marketers and social media influencers to demonstrate safe sleeping without compromising on the creative aesthetic.

While you may know how to sleep your baby safely, your audience may not.

If they see images of cots filled with soft items or a baby that appears to be sleeping in an unsafe cot or bassinette, they may think it’s safe to do so.

We want to ensure that all content showing a baby sleeping follows our safe sleep guidelines, to help reinforce the message for all new parents.

How to use the guide

When planning and producing your content, refer to this guide to make sure you’re promoting safe sleep practices.

Before you share an image or create a marketing campaign, simply refer to the relevant examples in the guide.

You’ll see things that should and should not be shown in the photograph, as well as photos that show the guidelines in practice.

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Last modified: 12/10/22