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Rhiannon Anderson

My 8-week-old baby sleeps in a winter sleeping bag (love to dream swaddle) with recommended layers underneath (bodysuit or singlet underneath a onesie). However, we have found that he seems to get cold at night even following these recommendations and wakes often (every 2 to 3 hours) and is very restless. When feeling his chest he appears cold. We have placed lighter blankets on top of him which seems to keep him warmer and less restless but this seems to be contradictory of Red Nose's recommendations. Could you please advise if we are layering him too much? Thank you

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Posted a response on 20/6/17

Red Nose

The bag you are using for your baby is one known generically as a swaddle bag, rather than a sleeping bag; swaddle bags are designed to take the place of wrapping the baby, while sleeping bags are designed to replace bedding.

When your baby is either wrapped or wearing a swaddle bag it is quite acceptable to cover baby with blankets for warmth. Red Nose recommends that you place baby with his or her feet at the bottom of the cot, using layers of lightweight blankets that can be added or removed easily according to the room temperature. Tuck blankets in firmly so they cannot become loose and cover baby’s head during sleep.

For further information about the amount of bedding required, please see: https://rednose.com.au/article/how-much-bedding-does-baby-need.

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