Stillbirth prevention

Together we can reduce the risk

Over 2,000 babies are stillborn each year – that’s six a day.
It’s a national tragedy that’s nearly double the road toll.

Not every stillbirth is preventable, but many are. In partnership, Red Nose and the Centre for Research Excellence in Stillbirth, are dedicated to lowering the number of stillborn babies.

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Download Information Statement – When Things Don’t Go to Plan

Our friends at the Centre for Research Excellence in Stillbirth have created this wonderful Safer Baby Initiative. This initiative aims to help women understand the things they can do to reduce their risk of stillbirth and is being rolled out in partnership with health departments across Australia.

Experiences of stillbirth are deeply personal and grief can last a lifetime. We are very grateful to the community members who have helped develop this campaign and those who have shared their stories with us.

As a dad or a partner, you naturally want to do everything you can to safeguard the health and welfare of both mother and baby. The good news is that there are some simple things that you can do – and encourage mum to do – that can have a real impact on reducing the risk of stillbirth.

We are working to help reduce the risk of stillbirth through sharing the three key actions, dispelling the sense of shame that can surround stillbirth and breaking down social barriers that prevent parents of stillborn children receiving the love and support they need.