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Red Nose is Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep and safe pregnancy, and bereavement support for families affected by the death of a child.

Red Nose Australia was founded in 1977 by bereaved parents who wanted to make sure the devastating impact of the death of their child never happened to anyone else – by finding out why their babies died suddenly and unexpectedly, and then educating parents and health professionals about how to prevent it.

Their determination and tireless fundraising efforts created one of Australia’s most successful public health program – “Back to Sleep”, which has so far resulted in an 85 per cent reduction in SIDS in Australia.

The first Red Nose Day, held in 1988, paved the way for today’s landscape of national charity fundraising days, urging Australians to wear a red nose and be “silly for a serious cause”.

31 years later, Red Nose Day is still a much-loved and iconic national fundraising event, with thousands of people taking part in Red Nose Day activities across the country each year.

In 2016, SIDS & Kids changed its name to Red Nose Australia, with five formerly state-based organisations coming together to form the national Red Nose organisation, with a joint mission and purpose: to reduce nine deaths a day to zero and to support grieving families.

The state-based organisations in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory chose not to join the national organisation, and they continue on as independent SIDS and Kids organisations in their state.

Our work continues today.

Because while we have reduced SIDS by 85% and invested more than $17 million into lifesaving research, 3,000 babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers still die suddenly
and unexpectedly each year.

Through world-class research, lifesaving safe sleeping and safe pregnancy education, and vital bereavement support services, we continue the work of our founders.

Together we your support, we can and will reach zero and stop little lives being cut short once and for all.

Our Vision

A future where no child dies suddenly and unexpectedly during pregnancy, infancy or childhood.​

Our Mission

Saving little lives and supporting anyone affected by the death of a child.

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