Does Sleeping With Baby on a Sofa or Couch Increase the Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy?

Yes – this can be dangerous and is not recommended.


There is a very high risk of a sleeping accident if an adult falls asleep with an infant on a sofa. This is because baby may become wedged into cushions or the back of the sofa and the sleeping person would not notice.

Never fall asleep with baby on your chest whilst lying down as this is the same as sleeping the baby in the tummy position. Sleeping in this position is dangerous as baby’s airway is not protected in this position, which could lead to accidental suffocation. Baby should also be placed to sleep on their back, on a firm flat mattress with their face and head uncovered.

Place baby on their back in their own safe sleeping place before you doze off on a sofa.

Read our safer co-sleeping guide and our Information Statement Sharing a Sleep Surface With a Baby.

Last modified: 2/2/22