Raise a Concern

We take concerns about the way Red Nose operates very seriously. We review every concern we receive to understand the issues raised and to ensure the organisation is operating effectively and efficiently.

The Red Nose Whistleblower Policy includes information on the protections available to whistleblowers.

Through your dealings, or as a result of your employment with Red Nose, you may become aware of information that leads you to believe there has been misconduct which gives you concern about the way the organisation is operating. Such misconduct may include:

  • failure to comply with a legal duty;
  • gross mismanagement or waste;
  • dishonest or unethical behaviour by an individual; or
  • fraud or other type of criminal behaviour.

If that happens, please raise your concerns via the form below. You can remain anonymous, however, providing your contact details will assist us in any investigation and allow us to communicate with you about the progress of any investigation.

If you would like to share information directly with Red Nose, please email an authorised officer.