What is the safest way to sleep twins?

While sleeping a baby in their own safe cot is always the safest option, this is not always possible especially if you have twins.


Sleeping twins in the same safe cot (known as “co-bedding”) is dangerous if one part of the body of one twin were able to accidentally cover the face of the other, causing an interference with breathing. There is a risk that this can happen if the twins are sleeping side-by-side.

So what can you do to minimise your risks?

  • Place the babies’ head to head, at opposite ends of the cot.
  • Do not use bedding (sheets and blankets) – instead use safe sleeping bags, or swaddle the babies separately until they show signs of being able to roll over.
  • Follow our six safe sleep recommendations.
  • Babies must be slept separately when they show signs of being able to move around in the cot.

For more safe sleep advice, visit our Safe Sleep Advice Hub.

Last modified: 18/3/20