Tummy time

What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is an important and fun way to help baby grow and develop well.

It has many benefits and gives baby the opportunity to develop and strengthen muscles, and is an important part of brain and gross motor development.

Why do we practice tummy time?

  • Strengthens neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles to help baby move around – which can all help to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents
  • Allows baby to view the world from different angles supporting healthy brain development
  • Helps to prevent baby developing a flat spot.

When do we practice tummy time?

  • From birth
  • Frequently throughout the day
  • When baby is not too tired hungry

Why is it important?

  • Helps baby to meet important roll/crawl and walk millstones
  • Helps to keep baby safe in the sleep environment
  • Strong muscles mean baby is able to lift their head more easily and straighten their arms giving them a better chance to of rolling or moving themselves into a position of safety if they roll onto their stomach during sleep.

When not to do tummy time?

You can begin supervised tummy playtime as soon as baby is born, but make sure baby is awake and not too tired, or hungry.

At the beginning baby may be unsettled and only able to stay on their tummy for a minute or two during playtime – this is normal, so keep at it.

How to do tummy time?

The easiest way is on the floor, where baby can play on a comfortable firm mattress or bunny rug.

Using a rolled towel under baby’s armpit and chest will give baby more support, so baby can lift up their head more easily propped up on their elbows.

You can also try carrying baby over your arm, shoulder, chest (only while you are awake) or lap.

REMEMBER: Parents and carers are often very tired and can fall asleep easily during the day. Make sure baby is in a safe place before baby or caregiver falls asleep. Never leave baby alone or unsupervised on the tummy, as it is dangerous if baby falls asleep or their airways become covered.

A BIG thank you to our Official Linen Partner Sheridan for creating this wonderful Tummy Time instructional video.

Last modified: 8/9/20