What is the Safest Way to Sleep Twins?

Research has shown that the safest way to sleep twins in the home is in their own safe sleeping container (cot, portable cot, bassinette or cradle) in the parents’ room for the first 6-12 months.

Research has not yet provided a conclusive answer to the question, ‘should twins sleep in their own separate cots or together in the one cot?’ Some research on twins in Neonatal Intensive Care suggests a weaker twin may benefit if slept with the stronger twin.

However, it would be dangerous if the arms of one twin were able to accidentally cover the face of the other, causing an interference with breathing.

Sometimes twin babies are in temporary situations, such as while visiting or travelling, when separate cots are not possible. If the twins are sharing the same cot, do not use bedding and place them at opposite ends of the cot. An infant sleeping bag used for each baby may be useful in this situation.

When the babies have reached the age where they can move freely around the cot, place them in separate cots.

For further in depth information on this topic, see our Red Nose Information Statement Co-Bedding Twins.

Last modified: 29/8/17

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