Dr Daniel “Golly” Golshevsky’s Story

There are many dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who together make the work of Red Nose possible. This is Red Nose Ambassador “Dr. Golly” Daniel’s story.


I am a Melbourne-based paediatrician, a father of three and a proud ambassador of Red Nose Australia. Specialising in unsettled babies and poor sleep, my philosophies aligned with those of Red Nose and I’m inspired by the possibility of creating a long-lasting positive change for Australian families.

I have always participated in Red Nose Day fundraising activities through school growing up, and now, as a paediatrician with a media profile, I am fortunately in a position to share Red Nose’s mission through my website drgolly.com, social channel’s and my podcast “Dr Golly & the Experts.”

On a typical day I’m taking my three kids off to school, then it’s a mad rush to hospital for caesarean deliveries. Then a mix of more babies, ward rounds, then clinic and squeezing in some time for social media content to promote children’s sleep and parental empowerment.

When I’m not working I’ll be busy training or participating in triathlons or spending time with my family and my dog Duke.

Here Dr Golly speaks to Red Nose CEO Keren Ludski on his podcast Dr Golly and the experts.

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