Fundraisers Abseil Down Skyscraper For Red Nose

Four brave fundraisers yesterday took a big step right off the side of Perth’s QV1 building to raise awareness and funds for Red Nose in the adventurous 2018 Urban Descent.

QV1 Abseil April 2018 News Image

Known competitors when it comes to property, JLL Real Estate and Savills Perth came together for a bit of friendly competition supporting their staff members to raise funds and cheering them down on the day. Savills Perth’s Rheannon Binks and Sophie Emmett, along with JLL Real Estate’s Taneika Saunders and Red Nose Fundraising Coordinator Rikki Stewart, donned red noses to take on WA’s highest single pitch abseil, making their way down the 40 storey building.

“We chose to raise money for Red Nose as children are our future and it’s an amazing charity that saves young lives whilst teaching and supporting those impacted by the death of a child,” Rheannon said.

“We were freaking out a little, but we had a training session at Stratham Quarry last weekend, which gave us the confidence to take the plunge. We were also inspired by Red Nose fundraising coordinator Rikki Stewart, who faced the 160 metre drop last year and led us down the building. She’s really encouraged and supported us and gave us the courage to face this challenge.”

After a week of increasing bad weather, the sun came out for a cloudy but rain-free day, creating perfect abseiling conditions. The team, along with last minute participant Red Nose’s mascot Sid, made their way down the side of the building without trouble, even letting go of their ropes to wave at the crowd far below.

Choosing to go down face first this year, Rikki said, “It was absolutely terrifying but amazing at the same time. Taking that first step off the edge while looking straight down was one of the most heat-stopping moments of my life. But with Rheannon, Sophie, Taneika and Sid there with me, I had all the encouragement I needed to overcome my fears and have a once of a lifetime experience. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Red Nose thanks all of the kind donors and spectators who provided support, and Urban Descent who brought to life another amazing, adrenaline-fuelled event. A special thank you to Rheannon, Sophie, Taneika and Rikki for taking on this heart-pumping adventure.

Stay tuned for news of the next adventure fundraising event, the Dawesville Bridge Swing, coming this November!


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