Fundraisers Swing From Dawesville Bridge for Red Nose

Last Friday four adventure-seeking fundraisers took the plunge off Dawesville’s Port Bouvard Bridge to raise awareness and funds for Red Nose in Western Australia’s first large bridge swing event.

Dawesvillle Bridge Swing 2017 Team and Supporters

Team Red Nose – David, Tamara, Rachel and Red Nose’s Fundraising Coordinator, Rikki – dressed up in their loudest red outfits and jumped one of WA’s tallest bridges. The event was the first legal bridge swing in WA and saw dozens of intrepid fundraisers swing from 8-10 December to raise money for their favourite charities.

Team Captain Rikki was excited to lead the way for another adventure activity after completing the QV1 skyscraper abseil event earlier in the year. She led the way taking the first leap of faith, red tutu flying in the wind.

David was the first team member to sign up with Rikki and did a fantastic job of fundraising online by challenging his donors to vote for his jump costume.

“Luckily for David, there wasn’t a Jessica Rabbit costume available in his size and so school-boy Santa won the competition,” Rikki said. “David did an amazing job of conquering a very real fear of heights, all to help Red Nose save little lives.”

In her own words Tamara has ‘always loved a bit of an adrenalin challenge’ and, although confronted with a large amount of fear when asked to participate, she stepped right up to take on the jump. Tamara also asked her donors to vote for her red-themed costume when making their donation. After a close race, a Betty Boop costume won out and Tamara completed the swing in a fantastic outfit, wig and all.

At only 15 years old, Rachel was the youngest but bravest member of the jump team. Red Nose has always been a big part of Rachel’s life after the loss of sister Hayley Rose. Rachel has been volunteering with mum Sheryl at Red Nose Day stalls for years but has always wanted to do more. After seeing an advert for the Dawesville Bridge Swing and realising it was the day after Hayley Rose’s birthday, Rachel was eager to sign up.

“I have been able to make a difference by raising money for Red Nose but most importantly it has given me a platform to start a conversation,” Rachel said. “Through the Dawesville Bridge Swing I have been able to educate family, friends, co-workers, teachers and peers on what SIDS is, and what Red Nose does, but most importantly given them an opportunity to donate and make a difference.”

Red Nose thanks all of the kind donors and spectators who provided support, and Urban Descent who brought to life this amazing event after two long years of planning.

A special thank you to David, Tamara, Rachel and Rikki for taking on this heart-pumping adventure!


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