Is the perfect present safe for my child?

During the holiday season, many parents receive beautiful gifts for their little ones from well-meaning family and friends – but are the gifts you have just received actually safe?

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Most people assume that items sold through major retailers and stores across Australia are safe for their children. After all, if products are made specifically for children and sold in Australia, they must be government-regulated, right? Not necessarily, according to Red Nose Chief Midwife Jane Wiggill.

“According to CHOICE, there is currently no requirement under the Australian Consumer Law for manufacturers or retailers to ensure that the products they sell are safe”, Jane cautions.

“So before you use any presents your child receives this Christmas, do some research and ensure that the product is appropriate for the age and developmental stage of your child.”

Red Nose is always here to help answer any product questions or concerns you might have.

In particular, when deciding whether to use a new item for sleep consider our 6 safe sleep recommendations:

  1. Always place baby on back for sleep
  2. Keep face and head uncovered
  3. Keep baby smoke free, before and after birth
  4. Safe sleeping environment night and day
  5. Sleep baby in a safe environment
  6. Breastfeed

So keep your bub safe these holidays, and relegate those beautiful but hazardous gifts to the cupboard.

For specific information and advice about infant and child safety, visit our Safe Sleep Advice Hub.

Product Safety Information is also available from:

Product Safety Australia: