Keeping your child safe in their car seat

Car accidents are unfortunately one of the most common causes of injuries to children.

Make sure your family is safe while travelling by following our top tips

This is why it’s vital to make sure your child’s car seat and/or restraint is properly fitted. This can be the difference between protecting your baby or child from serious injury or death in the event of a car crash.

Child restraints available in Australia must meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 1754, and have key safety features that reduce the associated risks of injury or death.

Follow our top tips below to keep your family safe on the road:

  • Ensure your child restraint is correctly installed according to the product instructions
  • Check to see if your restraint carries the Australian Standards mark
  • Make sure your car seat suits your child’s weight and size
  • Never leave a child unattended in a child restraint, even if it’s only for a short period of time
  • Take frequent breaks when travelling for long distances

Make sure you take your child out of the car seat or capsule once you have arrived at your destination, as it is not safe for a baby or infant to spend long periods in car seats. In fact, research has shown that babies left in a sitting position for a long period of time may be placed at increased risk for SIDS (sudden infant death).

This is because car or baby seats cause an infant’s neck to flex forward which may block a baby’s airway, not allowing airflow.

And, never use a car seat outside of the car, as a child can easily fall out or get trapped in a car seat device.

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