Nine Children Under the Age of Four Die Suddenly and Unexpectedly Every Day in Australia

SIDS and Kids urges all Australians to support Red Nose Day this Friday 27 June.

Nine children under the age of four die suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia from causes including sleeping accidents, drowning, motor vehicle accidents, sudden onset illness, SIDS and stillbirth.i

SIDS and Kids is urging all Australians to support Red Nose Day, this Friday 27 June, so that they may continue to offer much needed bereavement support to some 3,500 Australian families who have experienced the sudden death of a baby or child.

SIDS and Kids Australia CEO Leanne Raven says there are still so many Australians who go through the heartbreak of losing a baby or child;

“Since 1988, we have helped thousands of Australians navigate the unimaginable grief of the death of a baby or child. For every one child that dies, more than 60 people are impacted and may require counselling and support,” Associate Professor Raven said.

“Red Nose Day helps us fund support services along with research into the causes and prevention of the sudden death of babies during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood. We also educate thousands of parents, carers and health professionals on how to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents,” she said.

Volunteers will be out in force selling Red Nose Day products and a host of retailers will be selling merchandise until the end of the month.

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i Data collection from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), National Perinatal Statistics Unit (NPSU) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)