Red Nose Australia Stands in Solidarity with Pink Elephant Network’s Campaign to Recognise Miscarried Babies in the Australian Census

Keren Ludski, CEO of Red Nose Australia, understands that one of the most challenging aspects of early pregnancy loss is the sense of invisibility it imposes.


Families who experience miscarriage may have very few tangible memories to cherish of their pregnancy, and they often feel that others cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of their grief.

“Acknowledging the lives of miscarried babies is not only about recognising their existence but also about ensuring that families receive the support and resources they need during their grieving process,” says Keren, “for this reason, Red Nose proudly stands alongside Pink Elephant’s #countourbabies campaign which highlights the importance of recognising miscarried babies in the national Census.”

The #countourbabies campaign emphasises the need for accurate data on the number of miscarriages occurring in Australia. By including miscarried babies in the Census, our organisations can advocate for improved referral pathways, increased funding for support, and a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to miscarriage.”

Currently, in situations where a traditional birth certificate cannot be issued - such as losses occurring before 20 weeks’ gestation - state and territory governments offer parents, and those profoundly impacted by early pregnancy loss, opportunities to officially acknowledge their baby’s life and loss. Early pregnancy loss commemorative certificates can be obtained through state and territory departments of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

See: Early pregnancy loss recognition | Guiding Light - Red Nose Grief and Loss on how to apply for an early pregnancy loss certificate.

To find out more about Pink Elephants’ #countourbabies campaign visit The Pink Elephants Support Network - News - #CountOurBabies: Including Miscarriage in the Census

Together, we can all create a more compassionate and inclusive society that supports families through their journey of loss and healing.

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