Red Nose volunteer finalist for Spirit of Volunteering Award

Red Nose are proud to announce that volunteer Kaitlyn Barry has been accepted as a finalist for the 2017 WA People’s Choice ‘Spirit of Volunteering’ Award!

Kaitlyn Barry

The WA Volunteer of The Year Awards promote the value and important contribution of volunteering to the well-being of Western Australia and pay tribute to those volunteers who inspire and promote the spirit of volunteerism through their exemplary endeavours. Red Nose is delighted to have nominated Kaitlyn for The People’s Choice Award which recognises the thousands of unsung heroes who through their volunteering have enhanced the lives of others and the community.

Kaitlyn is a passionate and empathetic individual who always drops everything to help others. She has a long history of informal and formal volunteering over many years. Her compassion and enthusiasm make her a dream volunteer for any organisation. Red Nose are lucky enough to have Kaitlyn working with us for the past year. She has been a vital part of many of our recent WA events such as our rebranding launch at the Bell Tower, the Sunshine Beach Run and many other smaller tasks along the way.

Kaitlyn is always up for any challenge and is usually the last person to leave, making sure everything has been completed and tidied up. Her attention to detail and quick thinking ensures event management always runs smoothly. Her empathy and caring nature ensures she always has everyone’s best interests well in hand. We cannot recommend her for this award enough.

Kaitlyn is not just a valued volunteer at Red Nose, but also helps out many other charities as well. She is involved in many fashion shoots and events, often assisting young artists to create their visions. She has also acted in several plays and short films often on a voluntary basis. Recently she was moved by a family’s loss of their son to cancer and their desire to hold a birthday party in his honour. Kaitlyn then arranged for a volunteer of his favourite hero, Captain America and together they attended the party to the absolute delight of the family.

Kaitlyn and all of the finalists are wonderful people who do not seek reward and are rarely recognised. You can recognise them by voting for the volunteer that most inspires you. Help us by voting for Kaitlyn and you will go in the draw to win $1,000 for Red Nose as well! Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on May 10th.

Vote for Kaitlyn here.