Say Their Name Day 2022 - Why we need to talk after losing a baby

Friday 25th March – is Say Their Name Day, a day where Australia says goodbye to the stigma, shame and silence that still follows the devastating death of a baby.

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Every year in Australia, 110,000 families go through the trauma of miscarriage and 3,000 more endure the heartbreaking loss of a baby through stillbirth or sudden infant death.

But imagine going through this pain and not feeling like you can talk about it? Sadly, talking about the death of a baby remains a taboo topic.

At Red Nose including Sands, people often tell us they want to provide support to a friend who’s lost a baby, but they’re worried they’ll say the wrong thing - so instead they say nothing. Many grieving parents often tell us this makes them feel like their baby didn’t exist, and actually compounds their pain.

Australia’s 4th Say Their Name Day aims to highlight the importance of having these difficult, but extremely important, conversations.

Today, thousands of Australians will be publicly sharing the names or nicknames of their much loved and missed babies as part of our Say Their Name Day campaign. Parents will be sharing their babies’ names and stories on social media, and inviting their friends into open conversations about child loss.

Parents wanting to get involved in Say Their Name Day can also add their child’s name to our virtual memorial wall, create an online tribute fundraiser, donate to Red Nose or share their story on social media.

Funds raised go towards vital Red Nose services, including our 24/7 Grief and Loss Support Line. Devastated parents can speak with a counsellor or peer supporter any time: 1300 308 307.

“Everyone knows that talking about the loss of a baby will be a hard conversation. But many parents tell us they want people to talk about their babies. Their babies existed, they need to feel them acknowledged.

“Say Their Name Day is a way to start opening up this conversation in a really accessible way. Talking about the loss of a baby really can help a parent who is incredibly distressed.”

Keren Ludski - Red Nose CEO, bereavement counsellor and Mum to Ben

“The amount of comfort that saying their name and acknowledging their existence brings is beyond describable.”

Amanda – Mum to Scarlett Avery and Archibald Francis

“I am saying my baby’s name, not just to remember her but to show others that they are not alone on this journey.”

Paula – Mum to Angel

“We want our friends, family and community to remember Grace and Matilda as our firstborn children, forever our daughters, forever the special big sisters to Evie”

Bonnie OAM – Mum to Grace and Matilda

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