Red Nose Makes Submission to Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia

Red Nose, Australia’s national voice on reducing sudden and unexpected death in children under five, applauds the national parliamentary Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport for commencing an inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia. Thank you for investigating this significant health issue.

As leaders in the field of safe sleeping and the key player in reducing SIDS in Australia by 85%, we remain strong innovators of community education and bereavement support and are recognised for these attributes on both the national and international stage.

We believe that all parents, carers and health professionals have the right to receive free safe sleep education that is easy to access and understand in order to keep babies and children safe.

We believe that the continual provision of safe sleep education, along with sleep hygiene education, has the potential to prevent future long term health issues.

We believe that more work needs to be done to ensure the numbers of deaths of children occurring in pregnancy, infancy and childhood decrease and lives continue to be saved.

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