What do you know about safe sleep? Jaclyn’s story

Jaclyn is the new mum of gorgeous baby William, now four months old. She tells us what she knew about safe sleep before becoming a parent, and what has changed since!

Jaclyn & Baby William

What did you know about safe sleeping before you became a mum?

I knew the importance of lying the baby on its back whilst sleeping and ensuring its feet touched the bottom of the bassinet as this meant the baby couldn’t wriggle itself under the blanket. I was also aware that the baby should sleep in it’s own space and not in bed with its parents as this was a huge safety risk.

Where did you get your safe sleep information?

While I was pregnant I used the Red Nose website as a guide when preparing for William’s arrival, particularly with safety around sleeping do’s and dont’s, as well as clothing, bedding, breastfeeding, etc.

The video that Emma Freedman and Red Nose did with Big W was also incredibly helpful and was very relatable as Emma spoke about mantras and products that she swore by as a current parent and an expecting mum.

Post the birth of William, I have watched the Live Q&A videos with Jane Wiggill on Facebook & Instagram which have been very informative.

We are incredibly lucky to have access to resources like Red Nose!

Why do you trust Red Nose’s advice about safe sleep?

Red Nose has continued to have an amazing team of dedicated, professional and supportive employees who have worked in the sector for many many years. Their personal knowledge, experience and guidance is second to none. I trust that Red Nose provides up to date information from current Australian research in a positive and reassuring way. It’s obvious how passionate they are, whether it be an expert in their field or someone who has had a direct experience with SIDS. I appreciate that whatever questions or uncertainties new families have about their babies, Red Nose welcomes and supports this, and delivers the facts in a warm way.

What’s your greatest fear as a new mum?

I think as a new mum the thought that reoccurs in your mind is the fear of finding your baby not breathing in their sleep. To help myself with this I have always tried to make sure my baby is always sleeping on his back, and is comfortable and warm. I still check his chest and little heartbeat multiple times a night!

What advice would you give to your pre-pregnant self?

Sleep in!!! Enjoy those simple car rides to the supermarket! Try not to worry about too much, it is such a big learning curve, but the most wonderful joy at the same time.

For more safe sleeping advice and tips, visit our Safe Sleep Advice Hub or call our Safe Sleep Advice Line on 1300 998 698 (during business hours).