Yarning with Skye

Red Nose recognises First Nation Peoples hold rich and diverse histories and have a deep connection with Country, which is central to their spiritual identity, and we are committed to advance reconciliation through continued learning from our First Nations People.


Skye Stewart is a proud Wergaia and Wemba Wemba midwife from the Mallee Victoria, a beautiful Country of red dirt and stark starry skies. Skye has a long-standing history of working alongside First Nation communities and is passionate about improving health equity and outcomes for mob through nurturing safe communities and safe environments.

A Registered Midwife, Skye works at Red Nose as an Advocacy Projects Specialist and creates content that is culturally appropriate for First Nations families. This content focuses on safer pregnancy, safe sleeping and bereavement (sorry business) care. Skye is the creator of Jiba Pepeny – Star Baby; a culturally responsive guide for First Nation families following stillbirth.

Skye also works with healthcare professionals and others who work with First Nation families to ensure cultural safety and considerations are at the centre of the care they provide.

What happens at a Yarning with Skye session

Share Stories

We all learn from each other. sharing stories connects us, gives us new ways of understanding and makes us feel good.

Connect with Mob

It’s good for well-being to connect with other parents. It can help to not feel so alone on the parenting journey.

Culturally Safe Space

We know that culture keeps us strong, grounded and proud. This space celebrates and respects all mobs from across Australia.

Learn More

Skye will share their knowledge about safe sleeping for bub and safer pregnancy. It’s a safe space to ask questions too.

To book a Yarning with Skye session Contact educationbookings@rednose.org.au or call 1300 998 698 (option 2).

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