Yen & Gemma share their first-hand understanding of the support Red Nose provides

Rainbow family Yen and Gemma, a family from Canberra, have first-hand understanding of the importance of the support that Red Nose provides.


Gemma and Yen went through the heartbreak of losing their baby, Jin.

“There were days after where we thought we wouldn’t ever go outside again,” said Gemma, who experienced a smooth pregnancy until one morning, when she woke to her baby, Jin, feeling heavy and still.

Neither Gemma nor Yen were aware of the prominence of stillbirth in Australia before having experienced it themselves.

“There are six babies stillborn every day in this country,” Gemma said. “The first person to tell me that was the midwife that helped deliver Jin, who had also lost her baby.”

“We struggled so much to not lose hope after Jin died,” she said. “But then our families, both biological and chosen, rallied around us. Their energy protected us and loved us and, through them, we felt more rooted in the world.”

Despite their grief, they turned their pain into something positive.

Their story shows how important it is to have support and talk openly about stillbirth, a topic that many find hard to discuss.

By sharing their experience, they hope to break the silence by raising awareness and helping others who are going through similar losses.

Yen and Gemma appeared on the JOY Podcast to share their story.

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