Aboriginal ‘Yummy to be Mummy’ Program WA

‘Yummy to be Mummy’ program is a comprehensive program that targets young Aboriginal women going through pregnancy and child rearing.


The program itself invites women from the community to attend a series of workshops which provides them with the knowledge and skills to assist in safely raising a child. Many of the included activities are flexible, enjoyable and interactive, with the mothers encouraged to bring along a person of support who will be with them throughout the pregnancy and child-raising stage.

For more information on this program contact education@rednose.org.au.

The objectives of the program are detailed below:

1. Build pride of culture, celebrate tradition and look to the future

2. Create a positive journey through pregnancy with a focus on health and culture

3. Raise awareness of the dangers associated with the use of tobacco and alcohol when pregnant and after the birth of a child

4. Promote safe sleeping practices and work towards decreasing infant mortality rates in Aboriginal communities.