Keren Ludski - CEO of Red Nose Australia

Keren Ludski is the CEO of Red Nose Australia.


Keren is a values-driven leader, with a passion for empowering and working with individuals and organisations. She focuses on making sure every family in Australia receives the education they need to keep their babies safe, and that any family that needs it, receives appropriate bereavement support and care.

She is a people person, a doer, a collaborator and communicator.

Keren believes in empowering community, through two-way engagement, education and support. She leads with passion, delivering purposeful projects that deliver positive change and leave a lasting impact.

As an experienced and passionate clinician, Keren has a deep understanding of psychological distress, grief and trauma. She advocates for systematic organisational and societal change to ensure improvements in the support for bereaved parents. Under her guidance, Red Nose works extensively with other organisations, both in Australia and abroad. Partnering with government, other NGOs, educators and more to help Red Nose deliver its goals.

Keren’s business acumen ensures Red Nose’s work is streamlined to bring maximum benefit to the community.

Keren is also a bereaved parent of Ben who tragically died from SIDS in 1998. This lived experience helps drive her passion and dedication for Red Nose.