Stillbirth claims 6 lives every day. Help us get to ZERO.

In Australia, almost 2,200 babies die in the late stages of pregnancy each year.
That’s 6 lives every day. And more than one-third of these deaths remain totally unexplained.

Your gift today will reduce Australia’s unacceptably high rate of stillbirth to ZERO.

6 lives a day - this has to stop

Right now, Red Nose is investing in four critical research projects to uncover the causes of stillbirth.

Once we have the answers, we’ll launch a public health campaign to alert parents to the risk factors – just like we did for SIDS.

Our hope is that one day no babies will be lost to stillbirth. And no heartbroken families will be left without answers.

yes! I want to end stillbirth.

Our researchers – discover their impact

Thanks to your continued support, Red Nose is funding the vital research needed to understand and prevent stillbirth.

The sooner we have the answers, the sooner we can alert parents to the risk factors. And the sooner we can bring these deaths to ZERO.

Meet Dr Miranda and Dr Maryam – two current recipients of Red Nose Research Grants.

Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck
Project: ‘Preventing Term Stillbirth in South Asian Born Mothers’

“The grant I received from Red Nose is allowing me to lead and expand my research program into this important area.”

“My hope is that this research will prevent many Australian families from losing their babies in late pregnancy – and lead to the first significant reduction in stillbirth rates in over two decades.”

Dr Maryam Mozooni
Project: ‘The Effect of Migration and Acculturation on Risk of Stillbirth’

“Thanks to the Red Nose Research Fund, I am putting plans into action, and moving from hypothesis to scientific evidence.”

“This will enable us to launch educational campaigns, enhance public policy and better allocate health resources – which will help end preventable stillbirths.”

Give now to help uncover the causes of stillbirth –
and alert parents to the risk factors.

Although our research is starting to break ground, it’s still early days.
To carry on this vital work, we need your help.
Please give today to end stillbirth once-and-for-all.

Give now to end stillbirth.