Safe Sleep Resource Kit for Early Childhood Educators

The Red Nose Safe Sleep Resource Kit has all the tools you need to implement our safe sleep guidelines and comply with the national quality standards.

Benefits of the kit

The Kit provides best practice guidelines for Education and Care Services and Health Professionals for sleep safety to help to reduce the risk of SIDS and sleeping accidents.

Developed by our Safe Sleep Experts, the kit will help you develop safe sleeping guidelines and policies, train new and existing staff, and includes tools to support informing families on safe sleeping and the recent changes to the National Quality Framework.

What’s included?

Red Nose Safe Sleep Resource Kit is presented in an easy to store folder with contents index for easy reference. It includes:

  • Guidance on developing a safe sleeping policy, including a sample policy and a supporting checklist and guidelines for Education and Care Services
  • Safe Sleeping information and resources for educators including background information, brochures, information sheets, and FAQs
  • A safe sleeping checklist to help you complete self-assessment audits against the relevant standards for your nursery/infant rooms
  • Self-assessment and reflective tools to measure baseline knowledge and to assist educators and the service to ensure best practice standards are employed
  • Information for staff and families on the importance of safe sleeping including posters for display in your centre
  • Emergency response and bereavement support contact information.