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Phoebe Kiris

Hi, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, due on 8 March 2017. As a gift a friend of mine bought me a second hand CNP Brands Childcare Crib (https://cnpbrands.com.au/product/096328-133), which has mesh on the sides. I'm concerned about the mesh and whether it is breathable enough. Is mesh generally ok?

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Posted a response on 15/3/17

Red Nose

Hi Phoebe. Regarding the mesh sides, as a general rule mesh will be breathable, and safe to use. This should not present any issues until your baby is old enough to roll; you will probably find that by that time baby is ready to move into the cot. Looking at the information on the website, I think that you can accept this as a safe product to use for your baby. For a newborn, the level of the mesh looks to be sufficient that, if the baby rolled against the side, the face would be in contact with the mesh rather than the cotton part of the lining. If you have concerns about air flow through the sides of the bassinette, there will always be sufficient air above and surrounding the baby to ensure that baby is breathing fresh air.

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