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Are baby audio/visiual baby montiors recommended for ealy childhood settings? Of course this is just used as a tool to support safe sleep practises that are already in place including 5-10 minute sleep checks

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Posted a response on 2/10/23

Red Nose Education

Supervision of sleeping children is a regularity issue (which Red Nose supports)

NSW Dept does not recommend their use in place of physical checks & states the following.
The NSW Regulatory Authority does not consider that a service/educator using CCTV, audio monitors or heart monitors instead of physical checks demonstrates adequate supervision. Looking through a window to conduct a check is not adequate. Educators must physically check sleeping children in person at the cot side (or side of the floor mattress/toddler bed for children who have moved from a cot)
NSW Department Education & Care Services p7

Diligent supervision & regular checks at the cot/bed side are also required as per ACECQA regulation

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