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Are baby nests/pods safe to put newborns in? Bub will have a bassinet in our room however I have seen them being used for when they are supervised in the lounge room. Thank you

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Posted a response on 15/4/19



Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question.

Red Nose recommendations for baby’s sleep environment is valid for all sleeps. Placing a baby on their back and keeping them under supervision is equally important for night-time and day-time sleeps.

Safety of the baby’s sleep environment is a priority over sharing the same room as the baby for daytime sleeps

Parents are not expected to observe baby constantly. If baby is sleeping in a separate room check baby regularly to ensure that the baby remains on the back and the head and face remain uncovered (as baby grows beyond 5-6 months they will move around the cot and roll over; settle baby to sleep on their back but let them find the sleep position they feel most comfortable in. A safe cot and safe sleep environment is still necessary for older babies).

For more info see: https://rednose.org.au/article/roomsharing

Things to thing about are:
- Does this nest have a firm base or soft padded sides?
- Does it allow baby to lie flat?

It is important that baby’s sleep environment includes:
- Safe cot,
- place baby to sleep on the back on a firm, clean, well-fitting & flat mattress.
- Avoid using soft, padded items in the sleep environment. Soft bedding is dangerous in a cot and should not be used.
- Soft bedding includes pillows, quilts, doonas, soft toys and bumpers.
- Soft bedding may cover the baby’s face and obstruct breathing and/or cause overheating.
For more info see: https://rednose.org.au/article/at-what-age-can-i-introduce-cot-bumpers-and-pillows

Red Nose

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