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Are Moses baskets safe? I have a Moses childcare basket that I wanted to use for day time naps. Is this safe or are they not breathable enough?

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Posted a response on 6/10/21

Red Nose Education

Red Nose does not recommend specific brand name products.
All safety standards are developed & monitored by ACCC - Product Safety Australia.

While there are no mandatory standards in Australia for bassinets, Product Safety does have some guidelines ( buying tips) to check when looking at using a bassinet.

Red Nose has information when looking at buying/using a bassinet.
This includes:
Make sure all four sides of the bassinet are at least 300mm higher than the top of the mattress base to stop baby falling out.
Firm, flat mattress that’s the correct size for your chosen bassinet – the mattress should be no thicker than 75mm in thickness

Good breathability zones on all four sides to reduce the risk of suffocation and to provide good ventilation for baby.

No decorative trims, ribbons, or thick padded sides – these increase the risk of overheating and suffocation.
Any product that has soft, padded or “snug” sides should be avoided.

You may also find Red Nose Information Statement on bassinets helpful.

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A bassinet is often a useful sleep environment for a new baby, particularly in the first few months of life. It can provide a safe alternative to a domestic cot or travel cot, provided the principles of safe sleeping are adhered to reduce the risk of sudden infant death and fatal sleep accidents.
Red Nose recommends parents and carers make an informed decision based on evidence of product safety when deciding if a bassinet is right for them.

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