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Can I buy a cot mattress that is 75mm thick, when the cot manufacturer recommends 100-150mm? I've read other information that recommends a mattress be a minimum of 100mm thick to avoid the mattress becoming too thin - yet the mybub mattresses available on the Red Nose shop are 75mm. A little confused. Thanks

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Posted a response on 20/6/17

Red Nose

Thank you for your enquiry regarding cot mattresses. As a general rule it is safest to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Red Nose recommends that the cot mattress should be firm, clean and in good condition and placed flat (not tilted or elevated). The firmness of the mattress is of greater importance than its thickness; if the mattress is firm there is no risk of its becoming “too thin”.

It is also very important that the mattress is the right size and fits well in the cot, with gaps no greater than 20mm on any side when the mattress is centred in the cot.

You can find more information on the Red Nose website: https://rednose.com.au/article/what-is-a-safe-mattress

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