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Dear Red Nose, we’ve been wrapping our 4 week old baby in the muslin wraps, but she often gets very frustrated that she can’t move her arms & we often wake in the morning to find that she’s escaped. Is it ok to use the stretchy wraps instead? Many thanks, Ellen

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Posted a response on 22/3/21

Red Nose Education

Some babies do not respond well to wrapping & like to have their arms free to touch their face &/or suck their fingers.
You could try not wrapping or also modifying the wrap by wrapping with arms out (under armpits)
Of course, there is also a risk that a loose wrap could cover baby’s head & face.

Red Nose has information about wrapping on web site.
The article is a bit lengthy, but it includes information about:
Modifying wrapping
Swaddle suits

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