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Hello, I have a child in care who also goes to another daycare centre. I am a Family day care educator. The centre has advised my parent that they are no longer allowed to have the child sleep in his safe sleep sleeping bag on a day bed mattress. I also have a small (cot size) mattress for the child which he sleeps on for day sleeps on the floor. Can you please advise if i should not allow him to use a safe sleep sleeping bag? Thanking you, Chelsea

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Posted a response on 14/1/21

Red Nose Education

Red Nose advises to take care when a child is sleeping in a bed (or floor mattress) & is using a sleeping bag. This is due to the risk of baby tripping & falling when out of their bed.
The information below is provided in “Cot to Bed” brochure

If a child is wearing a baby sleeping bag whilst sleeping outside of a cot be careful! A child wearing a baby sleeping bag and not confined to a cot is at a higher risk of falling and being injured. The child must be actively supervised, and the sleeping bag removed as soon as the child wakes.

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