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Hello, I was wondering if you have any information in regards to weighted blankets in childcare. A questions was asked to me about the safety issues, if any, of using weighted blankets, families have brought in for their children to use. Thanks for your time.

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Posted a response on 21/4/21

Red Nose Education

Red Nose does not recommend the use of any loose bedding, particularly while a child is in a cot.
Soft & loose bedding may cover baby’s head & face, increasing the risk of suffocation & overheating.
If using blankets, Red Nose recommends lightweight material.

If blankets are being used instead of a sleeping bag, it is recommended to place baby with his or her feet at the bottom of the cot, using layers of lightweight blankets that can be added or removed easily according to the room temperature. Tuck blankets in firmly so they cannot become loose and cover baby’s head during sleep.

Research has shown that baby’s risk of dying suddenly and unexpectedly is increased if baby is sleeping on the tummy and that risk is even further increased if baby is sleeping on the tummy under heavy bedding or if baby’s head becomes covered by bedding in any position.

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