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Hello, I've read your cot to bed information brochure but wanted to get some more advice around bedding in a toddler bed. Our son has just turned two and beginning to show interest in climbing up on the side of his cot but because he sleeps in a sleep sack I'm not sure what bedding to use once we take the side of the cot off to convert to toddler bed. The cot/bed will still have three sides so I would assume it's not safe for him to use a pillow, but also wondering what size bedding to buy - is a single doona and doona cover going to be too bulky to be safe? He moves around a fair bit while he's sleeping so I worry about him getting stuck under bedding/falling from a bigger bed. Thank you!

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Posted a response on 23/10/23

Red Nose Education

Bedding, once baby is older than 2 & in a bed is an individual thing.
Not all babies need a pillow.
Red Nose would recommend using a sleeping bag with caution once baby is in a bed, due to risk of trip/fall when wearing a sleeping bag.
Light weight (& tucked in) bedding for a baby would still be preferable. Often babies/toddlers climb out of any bedding, so a sleep suit may be preferable & no bedding.

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