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Hello, my question is specifically in relation to cot mattresses. I know that there are voluntary standards on the firmness, height and the snug fit (less than 20mm from each side/end of cot) of the mattress. My question is, should the mattress be within 20mm of the corner of the cot? I have found that many mattresses have rounded corners and do not fit snugly into the corner of square cots- leaving a 3.5-4.5 cm gap in the corner between cot and mattress. Is this okay? Or should I keep looking/get a custom mattress made? Thanks for your help!

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Posted a response on 2/7/18

Red Nose

As you have read, Red Nose recommends the following :

Ensure the mattress complies with the size and depth recommended by the manufacturer of the cot. A baby or toddler can get stuck in gaps between a poor fitting mattress and the cot sides. This is especially dangerous if their face is trapped and covered, or their neck is restricted in any way. Make sure there is no more than a 20mm gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends


Did the mattress you describe come with the cot or are you looking for a replacement?

Product Safety does not mention “corner gaps” in its information, as I’m sure most cot mattresses do have rounded corners.

Are you concerned that there may be a risk of entrapment?

The spaces between cot sides and mattress should only be enough to allow you to tuck a sheet in.

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