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Hey there, At what age do do babies no longer need a sleeping bag? My 11 month old still likes it, but I wonder if she might get too hot in it. Apologies if this is already on the website. I did my best to find it, but didnt come across it. Many thanks!

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Posted a response on 15/2/21

Red Nose Education

There is no “time frame” for the use of sleeping bags - many families do not use them.
A sleeping bag is useful, particularly when a child is in a cot, as it removes the risk of blankets that may become loose & cover baby’s head & face.
Red Nose recommends ceasing use once child is in a bed, as they may increase the risk of falls when they try to get up on waking.
If a child is wearing a baby sleeping bag whilst sleeping outside of a cot be careful! A child wearing a baby sleeping bag and not confined to a cot is at a higher risk of falling and being injured. The child must be actively supervised, and the sleeping bag removed as soon as the child wakes.

You can reduce the risk of overheating by putting less clothing on baby, using a sleeping bag with a lower TOG rating or not using the sleeping bag at all when appropriate.

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