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Hi, could you tell me whether the following sleeping bags are safe: - pure baby brand, it has long sleeves and a pouch at the bottom for covering the legs - living textiles brand, it has no sleeves or arm holes. If these are not safe, could you recommend some products? Thank you

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Posted a response on 19/12/19

Red Nose Education

Red Nose does not recommend specific product brands, but has the following information about sleeping bags.
It is important that the sleeping bag you use for your baby fits correctly, reducing the risk of baby’s head & face being covered if the sleep bag is too big.

The sleeping bag should be the correct size for the baby with a fitted neck, armholes (or sleeves) and no hood.

Swaddle bags (arms in) are a form of swaddling/wrapping.
Red Nose has a comprehensive information on swaddling in general.

Towards the end of that article there is further information on sleeping bags & some information entitled: wrapping and swaddle products

It is important to be aware that there is very limited evidence to support the use of specific products as devices to promote infant settling, back sleeping position and no evidence to support these products as a strategy to reduce the risk of infant death. Parents are advised to follow the principles of safe wrapping if they choose to use infant wrapping as an infant care strategy.

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