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Phoebe Shead

Hi smile I am a childcare educator in Melbourne and wondering about the safe sleeping recommendations for children over the ago of 12 months. Your resources currently have information about moving a child from cot sleeping to bed sleeping, but would love to know more about children that are in between that stage and still sleeping in a cot. Do the same recommendations apply for children over 12months or are there slight changes in terms or position, soft toys, blankets etc?

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Posted a response on 2/12/19

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends following the guidelines while ever a child is in a cot (at least up to & over 12 months of age)
Red Nose has the following information you specifically asked about.

Sleep position

Always place babies on back for sleep
As babies grow and develop they become very active and learn to roll around the cot.
At this time, continue to put them on the back at the start of sleep time, but let them find their own position of comfort.
By this stage it is not necessary to wake during the night to turn baby over to the back position.

Soft Toys

Keep soft toys out of the sleeping environment for babies under seven months of age because they may cover the nose and mouth and interfere with breathing.

Seven-month-old babies are more likely to explore objects in their sleeping environments than younger babies.
Some babies over seven months of age may appreciate a small object such as a soft toy to provide comfort and connection (transitional object) during times of separation from their parent.

Pillows & other soft bedding

Older babies in a cot can be at an increased risk of a sleeping accident by using pillows and bumpers as a step to climb up and fall out of the cot.
It is safer to wait until the child starts to sleep in a bed before introducing a pillow or other soft bedding.

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