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Hi I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with twins. I have some questions regarding safe sleeping and twins as I have been getting many different opinions.
  • should they sleep in the same cot initially? (I have been told by several people this is the safest option)
  • we currently have two cots in a nursery. These are new cots that fit the Australian safety standards. Should we put the twins straight into these cots?
  • we do not have room to fit a cot into our bedroom. I have been told because there are two of them they do not need to stay in the parents' room.
  • do you suggest we buy 2 bassinets for the first 3 months to have them sleep in our room?
Many thanks

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Posted a response on 23/6/17

Red Nose

Some of the evidence for co-bedding twins is conflicting, which potentially leads to the differing opinions that you mention.

Research has shown that the safest way to sleep twins in the home is in their own safe sleeping place in the parents’ room for the first 6-12 months. Red Nose recommends that twins are slept in their own safe environment, placed on their back to sleep, with head and face uncovered and smoke free.

Surveys have shown that co-bedding twins is common, but care must be taken to ensure that one twin does not cover the face of the other. Red Nose suggests that when co-bedding twins, place the babies head to head at opposite ends of the cot. See link for diagram and information on sleeping twins: https://rednose.com.au/article/co-bedding-twins

If you are using bassinets, have a look at the information and guidelines on use of bassinets.

Also, Red Nose has information on Room Sharing

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