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Hi! I have an 18 month old daughter who often rolls on her stomach in her sleep. Usually when she does roll on her stomach if I’m awake I roll her back but this does cause her to wake at times. She still does not sleep through & I have noticed she is in a deeper sleep on her stomach when she is comfortable. I was wondering at what age should you stop rolling them back. I’m aware you shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby or disturb but I get a peace of mind going to sleep knowing she is on her back. Any advice would be amazing please. Thank you

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Posted a response on 3/12/18

Red Nose

Hi Chantel,

As your baby is 18 months of age the risk of SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy) does not apply. SUDI - including SIDS - is the death of a baby less than 12 months of age.

Red Nose has the following information.

Most babies will be rolling over by 5-6 months of age and many prefer to sleep on their tummy.

As babies grow and develop they become very active and learn to roll around the cot. At this time, continue to put them on the back at the start of sleep time, but let them find their own position of comfort. By this stage it is not necessary to wake during the night to turn baby over to the back position. The risk of sudden infant death in babies over six months is extremely low.


There is now no need to change her sleep position by rolling her back onto her back.

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