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Hi, I have seen at a baby store the M ije baby-head-rest. It is a shape memory foam headrest that is suppose to stop 'flat head syndrome'. https://www.babybunting.com.au/baby-head-rest-green.html Is it safe for a baby to sleep on? The product says it's suitable for a baby from 0-4 months old

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Posted a response on 13/11/19

Red Nose Education

Red nose does not recommend placing a pillow in baby’s sleep environment.
Pillows are not necessary for baby and increase baby’s risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy including SIDS and fatal sleep accidents because they can become displaced, obstructing a baby’s airway leading to suffocation. They are also a contributing factor to overheating which as is well documented, is a risk factor for SIDS.

For the majority of children, positional plagiocephaly or ‘flat head’ is a preventable condition, responding well to simple repositioning techniques and supervised tummy time by minimising pressure on the head when baby is awake. These simple measures are described in the Red Nose information statement on baby’s head shape: https://rednose.org.au/article/what-is-plagiocephaly-flat-head

In line with recommendations from the Australian Government, Red Nose recommends delaying offering a pillow until baby is over two years of age and is no longer sleeping in a cot or portable cot.

Thank you for reaching out to Red Nose!


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