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Hi, I would like some information on wooden cots with a drop down sides. I was recently told that these type of cots no longer reach Australian standards. We currently use them in our long day care setting. Do we need to look at replacing our cots?

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Posted a response on 7/4/21

Red Nose Education

At this point in time drop sided cots are still available & must meet the standard for cots in Australia.
Product Safety Australia develop & monitor standards for products sold in Australia.

Household cots are fixed sleeping enclosures for infants and babies. Cots can be rectangular with sides and ends made of slats or filler bars. Often one side drops down to give easy access to the baby. Cots can also be circular made with walls that have no slats. Some cots can convert to toddler beds.

If the cot features a moving drop side, ensure that the locking mechanism is functional and operates safely with repeated use.

Red Nose has some information which can be accessed here:

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