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Hi, is it safe to keep my baby’s nursery door closed. I have an indoor cat and would like to keep the cat outside of her room. I’m just not sure whether this is safe practice or not as I’m worried about my cat jumping into her crib/bassinet. Thank you

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Posted a response on 2/12/19

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends room sharing for the first 6-12 months.
Room sharing reduces the risk of SIDS, SUDI and fatal sleep accidents during day-time and night-time sleeps.

Parents are advised to share the same room as their baby during the first 6-12 months of life as this practice reduces risk of SUDI
Placing a baby in the sleep space on their back and keeping them under supervision is equally important for both night-time and day-time sleeps
Safety of the baby’s sleep environment is a priority over sharing the same room as the baby for daytime sleeps

Parents are not expected to observe their baby constantly.
If your baby is sleeping in a separate room check baby regularly to ensure that the baby remains on the back and the head and face remain uncovered
(as baby grows beyond 5-6 months they will move around the cot and roll over; settle baby to sleep on their back
but let them find the sleep position they feel most comfortable in.
A safe cot and safe sleep environment is still necessary for babies older than 5-6 month

If you have a cat, & prefer to close the door where baby is sleeping, then it is still important to check on baby at regular intervals.
Does you baby sleep in same room as you at night?

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