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Hi, just wondering is a Finnish baby box safe for newborns? Does it meet Australian Cot Regulations & Standards?

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Posted a response on 13/6/18

Red Nose

Red Nose recommends that baby is placed for sleep in a cot that meets Australian (AS/NZS 2172:2003).

Have a look at the requirement set by Product Safety in relation to these mandatory standards.

These standards include:

- Recommended height from the top of the mattress to the top of cot sides
- Mattress type and fitting (firm, well-fitting)
- Space between slats of cot

See https://www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/household-cots

From the Red Nose web site:

Finnish Baby Box

In Finland, since 1938, parents have been provided with a government funded maternity package, which included clothing, bathing products, and a box with a mattress and bedding.

Finland had a high infant mortality in the 1930s, 65 per 1000 live births, however mortality declined markedly in the decades that followed.

Declines have been attributed to improved prenatal care, a national health insurance scheme, central hospital network and the maternity box, which promotes safe sleeping and breastfeeding.

It appears that these boxes can be used as portable sleep spaces, in bed, or adjacent to the parent sleeping environment, however there are currently no published studies describing box use by parents.

See https://rednose.org.au/article/sharing-a-sleep-surface-with-a-baby

Please see link below for a media article in relation to Finnish Baby Boxes. Jeanine Young, who is part of Red Nose National Scientific Advisory Group, has provided some comment.


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