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Shrinika Mendis

Hi my 4 month old baby sleeps in the love to dream swaddle. He doesn't like to be swaddled the traditional way. He doesn't roll yet and sleeps better swaddled. I have seen him cover his nose with the wing part of the swaddle a couple of times. Is this a concern? Thanks Shrini

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Posted a response on 8/10/20

Red Nose Education

Anything that covers baby’s face can create a risk.
Many babies like to touch their face with their hands, & this can be why some babies do not “like” being swaddled using a cotton or muslin wrap.

Wrapping & Swaddle Products - https://rednose.org.au/article/wrapping-babies
The material of the wrap or swaddle should not cover the face or head, particular if baby sleeps with arms in different positions. If the item is too big for the baby, some zipped swaddle suits that enclose baby’s hands, have been shown to allow material to cover baby’s face and nose when baby raises their hands above their head during sleep.
All sleeping attire designed to cover the baby’s shoulders should have separate neck and arm holes or should ensure that they do not allow the face covering if the baby was to move their arms in different positions.

Red Nose recommends modifying baby’s wrap around 4 months of age in preparation for rolling.
Most babies are rolling from 4-6 months of age.
Babies need arms free to roll safely.

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